LATTE168 is a gambling website with MLM System

We are ready to pay bonus to each member, making all the members make a big profit!


Please join LATTE168 , and each of your invitation will gather into a huge member network

"The more friends you invite, the more bonuses you will get"


The membership level can be divided into 1-6 levels. The rule for accumulating points is as follows:

*** The higher the level, the higher the bonus rate ***

The points are derived from the amount of each bet

How to calculate the points:

Bet amount    x    Rolling               =     Point
Point            x    Bounus rate of the level     =     Bonus

                                Ex.  If you are level 1 and your accumulated bet amount is 100,000 baht (one month),
                                                                 then the points will be - total accumulated bet amount x rolling (Normally, the average rolling can be 5%), therefore, the points will be:

                                                                               100,000 x 5% = 5,000 points

                                                                 Then the points are multiplied by the bonus rate (level 1 = 40%), so the bonus is:

                                                                               5,000 x 40% = 2,000 baht


Each bet can accumulate your points, increasing your level and bringing a decent bonus

                                 Ex.  You have point more than 5,000 points you will get Lv.2
                                                                  (You still get bonus your level) and will get bonus 10% from bonus of your friends in Lv1.
                                                                           Lv.2 50% (your level) - Lv.1 40% (level of friends) = difference (10%)

When you reach the highest level, the bonus rate that you receive can be 50% higher than the bonus rate of those members in the lowest level in your own member network